Accountability & Motivation – What Drives You?

I’m 5 workouts and midway through week 2 of the BBG program, and let me tell ya – I am feeling it! On paper, these exercises look pretty basic, but they are deceiving, and I always leave exhausted and sore. (In the best possible way!) One of the reasons I started this program is that it is 12 weeks long, and I’m exactly that amount of time from sporting a bridesmaid dress…so this seemed like the perfect motivation!

The biggest thing that I suspected would happen during pregnancy was loss of strength in my core…and boy was I right! Sit-ups and crunches are now exercises from hell, and I feel like such a wimp to be honest with you. One immediate observation I’ve noticed doing these guides is that for me, the quicker/more intense workout, the better. These are only 28 minutes in length (not counting a warm up and stretch session) and two circuits of 4 exercises each. Mondays are Leg + Cardio days and Wednesdays are Arms + Abs. Fridays are an optional full body workout (I did week one and loved the combo of all exercises). On Tuesdays and Thursdays you can either rest or do some cardio – I’ve been running, walking, doing some yoga and riding the bike. Believe it or not, I totally look forward to the BBG days – they’re challenging and the feeling I get after them is so rewarding.

The hardest part for me is the accountability, because it’s just me in my basement doing these – so it’s easy to cheat or not work as hard as I know I could. I’ve got a few tips I’ve found to work for keeping the accountability going so far.

  1. Dedicate the time… no matter what. As a busy mom with work, caring for the baby and keeping the house in order, it’s easy to just “skip a day”.  I love this program because it does not demand everyday workouts. It gives you two days + an optional day. I feel that 3 days a week for me is a great starting goal. It also makes it easier to get up and do something on the off days – even a simple walk around the neighborhood counts.
  2. Support from family/friends. Some of my best friends have done these guides before so they can totally relate to how I’m feeling, and how HARD I’m working. It’s nice to commiserate by sharing my sweaty post-workout selfies and it keeps me accountable. Also – Casey has started doing the workouts too, which is amazing motivation… having a spouse that supports health and exercise is so vital to success.
  3. Documenting progress. As much as I hate taking pictures of myself in my underwear, it’s something that I’ve always done when I’m on an exercise mission. I hate going by the number on the scale because weight can be so weird day to day. Pictures to me, show better progress and keep me motivated. Out of curiosity, I went back and looked at pics I took of myself the summer of my wedding – talk about serious motivation… (and I thought I was fat then, duh!) I’ve been more open about actually posting my pictures online – I feel like if the world of Instagram sees it, then I have to follow-through, right? In all seriousness though, documentation might be the best way to keep me going.

What are your tips for staying motivated & accountable? I hope you’re all having a great week so far – I know I’m really looking forward to a relaxing weekend in the north woods with family and friends. It’s also a special weekend because a.) The 4th is my absolute favorite holiday, hands down. and b.) Casey and I got engaged 3 years ago this weekend on the pier of my parents cabin. All the feels! Happy hump day party people!

Week 1 of BBG
Week 2 of BBG – Holy Sweaty Beast!

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