Coping with Sickness & Growing Pains

I’m well aware that Dane is pretty cute. He smiles, and giggles and has this adorable spiky hair that makes him look like he stuck his finger in a light socket. We love him so much and feel very blessed we have him. But this post isn’t about all the gushy, happy things. I’m going to be real here and talk a little bit about the hard stuff, because it’s important too. Dane has tested us to the limit lately between a few sicknesses and growing pains. Here’s what’s been going on and how we’ve been coping…

Right around Mother’s Day, Dane came down with his first cold – the wheezy, snotty, coughy, not sleepy type of cold. He was only about 2.5 months old at this point, and so, nervously, we called our pediatrician to see what we should do. Is he running a fever? No. Is he eating normally? Yes. Does he have normal wet and poopy diapers? Yes. Is he in daycare? Yes. – Sorry, not much we can do but let this run it’s course. Kids who are in daycare tend to pick up colds more frequently. (Coincidentally, his first week of daycare happened to be right around Mother’s day as well).

I wanted to die… I felt guilt, sadness and wished so much that I could take the pain away from him and take on the cold myself. It was so hard to watch this tiny human, in obvious pain and discomfort. Many, many tears were shed (by both of us) as we tried everything possible. We added a humidifier to his room to increase the moisture in the air, elevated his mattress to make it easier to breathe, put Vick’s on his feet and spent way too much time using the Nosefrida. Let me stop and talk about this magic piece of baby gear. If you haven’t heard of it, it’s made by a company from Sweden, and (sorry this is disgusting) you use it by literally sucking the snot from your baby. Don’t worry, there is a filter so there is no possibility of actually sucking snot, but it doesn’t make it any less gross. I gagged the first few times, but my goodness the thing works. If you’re struggling with a snotty babe – I highly recommend this product! Anyway, we struggled with this cold for almost a whole month, sometimes it would be better, sometimes worse, and finally we decided to call our doctor again – this time insisting we come in for a visit. We have a family history of allergies as well as asthma, so we thought – better safe than sorry.

Once at the doctor – we went through the whole drill. Is he running a fever? No. Is he eating normally? Yes. Does he have normal wet and poopy diapers? Yes. Is he in daycare? Yes. Then they decided to check his ears. Bam, double ear infection. Oh my goodness how could we not have known? Between the fussy-when-tired-or-hungry-act, Dane typically had been happy, and smiling and laughing. Since he was, what seemed like perpetually sick, we honestly didn’t know there was more going on. So, we started him an antibiotics to help with the infection and also were allowed to give him a bit of baby Tylenol to help with pain. Luckily, Dane is a little piggie and took the medicine down like a champ every time. After a week of this, it was time for his four month immunizations – so we took him in and the ear infection had cleared (thank goodness!) but the shots which had made him sleepy and affectionate the first time around made him angry and super fussy.

At this point, sleep was minimal (for all of us), everyone was feeling defeated and we had been pushed to the absolute edge of our comfort zones. Lucky for us, we were treated to a weekend in the north wood for the 4th of July with my family. Casey and I were able to let loose a little bit, with the help of relatives who graciously took care of D while he was feeling terrible, and let us get a little real sleep.

On top of it all, Dane is at the age where he may be going through true developmental changes – his brain is growing and he is starting to have different sleep cycles which makes for long nights. He is also rolling around like crazy – and gaining that extra baby chub. All of those things can affect demeanor and actions.

After that weekend things have been better but we’ve sort of come to the realization that we have a child that will catch colds, and have ear infections, and will test us and our patience and parenting skills. I need to thank all of our amazing family who has helped us along the way so far – for making meals, taking Dane when they can tell we’re feeling defeated, and babysitting and just loving him. For the advice, and ideas, and encouragement – thank you, we couldn’t do it without all of that!

The reason I’m sharing this is because mommy-hood online often looks “perfect” – not many talk about the true struggles. I may post a lot of pictures of Dane when he’s happy and sweet, but for each of those pictures – there are hard times too and that needs to be talked about more, for everyone’s sanity. I find a lot of strength and courage in my writing and sharing with you guys, so thank you for reading and letting me share (and truly caring). This is part of the reason I feel so passionately about banding together as moms, women and friends to lift each other up. Because I KNOW we’re all going through stuff, and simple encouragement is SO important. I appreciate all of you, you all matter and make this world a better place. Thanks again, and enjoy the rest of your week! ❤

When you come to the end of your rope, tie a knot & hang on

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Wisconsin wife and mama to Dane (4) and expecting baby girl in May. Navigating life post-cancer. Lover of food, red wine and laughs. Forever grateful for my wonderful life.

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  1. ((Hugs)) It’s so hard when our little ones are sick! In fact, it’s the worst part of parenting, if you ask me. It seriously breaks my heart. 😦 I’m glad you finally got an answer and were able to treat the ear infections! 🙂

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