The Importance of ‘Writing It Down’

Over the past week I’ve really gotten going on Dane’s baby book. I have been putting this off for a few months now and it feels great to put it all down on paper, and add all the adorable pictures! I have always loved my baby book, which my mom so thoughtfully filled out while I was small. Looking back at the pictures and reading what she wrote means so much to me, and is incredibly special. Casey also has a similar baby book, which we’ve spent a lot of time looking at over the past few months. It’s so fun to look back and see who Dane looks like as a baby, and compare notes on big developmental things.

My mom and dad gifted this book to us when D was born, and it has a page for everything from firsts, to medical information, to monthly pages where you can write down milestones. Along with the book, they saved the newspaper from his birthday, which contains all the fun things that were happening the day he was born! My baby book contains things like top songs, TV shows, and fashions – and it’s really cool to look back.

Everything is online nowadays – I mean look at me, I document it all on a public blog, for all to see… but there is just something special about hand writing details, and cutting each picture out. I hope that someday, Dane cherishes his baby book the way I do. Even if you’re not a crafty person, I highly encourage you to document the early days – because the memories are there but do fade quickly. Happy Tuesday, friends!

They got this at Hallmark – and there are tons of other great options!


Ever wonder what to do with all of your cards? I cut pieces from many of them and added them to his book. Great way to remember who was at your shower, and I love seeing the sweet sentiments from friends and family!


We talk about my birthday every year – the temperature and conditions. I’m sure we’ll do the same with Dane 🙂

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