Weekend Update! Fair, Food and a new buddy!

Happy Sunday friends! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. Our was jam-packed with tons of firsts for Dane and a lot of fun for everyone. Friday I packed up and headed to my hometown to check out the county fair. I’ve spent many MANY nights in the beer tent and enjoying deep-fried everything and the fair holds a very special place in my small-town girl heart. Dane loved seeing the animals and spending time with my mom, sister and one of my besties, Nick. He was a trooper while we carted him all over the fair to each of our favorite food stands. I was sad to see my favorite corn dog stand wasn’t there this year so I settled for a not-so-amazing one (major bummer). I also got some deep fried pickles which are basically my kryptonite.

Saturday was a very special day, as we got to meet baby Ellis James. Our amazing friends welcomed this little love bug on Thursday night after a wild few days. I am beyond proud of Abby for being such a bad ass and such a strong woman. It’s incredible watching a best friend become a mom, and we are so excited to see Dane and Ellis grow up and become friends!

I have an emotional week ahead… only three days left working for my current company. I know it’s going to be incredibly hard to say goodbye to all of my wonderful coworkers and friends. I am looking forward to a little down time between this job and the new one – planning on lots of cleaning, relaxing, blogging and snuggling my baby. I’m moving into a more of a full-time role for a while I train and learn the ropes, which means less time at home. I’m also planning on spending a day making freezer meals and lots of baby food! Dane has been trying a couple of things over the past few days including peas, carrots and apples, and our little piggie loves them all! What a fun stage of life with him!

Enjoy a few shots from this weekend, and make this week full of positivity and happiness!


This stand has probably helped me gain 10 lbs over my lifetime – they have the most amazing deep fried sampler platter, which we didn’t get… dang diet


THIS GUY. So sweet, and snuggly!
Future buds!
Dane figured out he can jump pretty easily today. He was hilarious in his bouncer!
He just loves his Grandpa!
That hair tho.

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Wisconsin wife and mama to Dane (4) and expecting baby girl in May. Navigating life post-cancer. Lover of food, red wine and laughs. Forever grateful for my wonderful life.

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