An Open Letter to My Partner in Parenting…

Honey, I just want to take a second to acknowledge how amazing you are. It’s incredibly hard to believe that Dane is almost SIX months old – isn’t it? He’s been here for half of an entire year and technically part of our lives for 16 months. That’s so long, yet it’s flown by at lightning speed right before our eyes. I need to thank you for being such an amazing father, and for your patience with both Dane and myself. Things have not been easy, but through it all you’ve shared the responsibility equally with no complaints. There are so many sleepless nights where I would get frustrated and you saved me from losing it. Parenting is such a doubles act for us – we both know each others tipping points and I want to thank you for always making sure I don’t reach mine… and if I do, you help me with patience and grace.

Dane adores you – when he sees you, his eyes light up and his smile spreads across his entire face. You teach him so many things and push him gently to learn and grow. I’m a pansy, and worried all the time about him falling, or hurting himself but you know he’s tough and that he needs to be independent and not coddled all the time. You are a huge reason he is so smart and doing things we never thought he would at his age.

Thank you also for understanding my mood swings, the hormones after pregnancy rage like the devil and I definitely have moments of satan’s spawn-like behavior. You don’t deserve it when I snap at you (too often) because I’m tired, and my back hurts and sometimes I feel like I’m a mom failure.

Thank you for understanding that I don’t feel amazing in my own skin yet and supporting my dieting and exercise craziness. I’m sorry I’m so obsessed with zoodles and spent $50 on a spiralizer… but I honestly think it’s a good thing for me to not eat SO much pasta. You humor my wishy washy stance on food – and support my choices even though you know I shouldn’t eat that ice cream. Thank you for filling my glass of wine (and re-filling) when it’s been a hard day. Sometimes I feel like I am unable to make decisions on what we should do with Dane – should we get up with him at 2am when he is whining in his crib or let him whine… or should we let him “cry it out” or not.

Whatever decisions we make, we make them together and I wouldn’t want anyone else on this journey with me, thank you for being you!



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Wisconsin wife and mama to Dane (4) and expecting baby girl in May. Navigating life post-cancer. Lover of food, red wine and laughs. Forever grateful for my wonderful life.

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