Lucky Number Seven

How is this possible? Dane is SEVEN months old today. He is inching closer and closer to toddler rather than baby everyday. Sometimes when we put him in the cute little outfits (you know the ones, with hoodies and baby jeans) he looks so much more like a little boy than my sweet baby. He’s just about as independent as it gets these days, only really cuddling with us when he’s sleepy or sad. He is crawling all over the house, onto shelves and attempting the stairs (always when we’re not looking it seems). He pulls himself up into a standing position and has started “cruising” around a little bit. His wild hair is starting to lay flat because it’s getting longer and is showing a little more of a reddish hint in the sunlight. He still has no teeth, but has been showing signs of teething for four months now – we’ve cleaned up gallons and gallons of drool. His gummy smile melts my heart.

We’ve had our fair share of scrapes and goose-eggs already and are trying hard to employ the “shake it off”mentality; gentle comforting but also letting him sooth himself and realize that not every bump deserves a blood curdling scream session. He loves almost all of the food he puts in his mouth – but is still getting use to textures; gobbling down the smooth baby food but more weary of chunks. Favorites include apples, pears and chicken & rice. He sucks on lemon and lime rinds like they’re candy and surprised us all when he went to town on a pickle slice. I love sour things – pickles being in my top favorite foods, so I guess this really shouldn’t shock us that much.

He’s officially into 9 month clothes, and I’m dreading boxing everything up because we had SO many things in 6 month size that we didn’t get to use. (Maybe some day with another baby). I’m thankful he’s growing and healthy, but sometimes I wish time would slow down a little bit. He’s sleeping through the night now, but is an early bird with most wake up calls around 5:30-6:00 am. During the week this is fine, but on the weekends we still like to bring him down into bed with us and see if we can coax another hour or so of sleep out of him.

His first word has definitely been mama – but it’s more like mamamama in a long string. I do love that every once in a while it’s a distinct two syllable mama though. I’m not sure he associates it with me yet, but he will soon I’m sure! đŸ™‚

Time just keeps chugging along. On Thursday, I’ll have been at my job for a whole month already! It’s hard to believe that. Also in other fun news – if you follow my page on Facebook, you know that I announced my collaboration with Lake Country Family Fun a few days ago. I will be a contributing blogger on lots of topics including mom life, a little fashion and things we like to do in Lake Country. It’s a really fun opportunity, and my first post should be going live this week, so check it out! LCFF is a fabulous one stop shop for all the activities, events and family friendly happenings in our area.

Enjoy a few of the latest pictures of our boy – he’s growing too quickly!




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Wisconsin wife and mama to Dane (4) and expecting baby girl in May. Navigating life post-cancer. Lover of food, red wine and laughs. Forever grateful for my wonderful life.

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