Weekend Update: Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween! If you know me personally, you know this is one of my favorite days to celebrate. For many years my friends and I made it our priority to come up with creative and fun homemade costumes. Last year I was pregnant with Dane and this year we had some conflicts including a main member of our crew on her honeymoon (JEALOUS) so we had to put that tradition on hold. I am actually pretty sad about it, because it’s such a fun thing to do. So… next year! Here are a few fun pictures of what we’ve done in the past; I had to reminisce a little bit. 🙂

This past weekend was our first weekend at home in a long, long time and boy was it needed. Saturday morning we cleaned the house from top to bottom (also needed), and had our first family photo session. I asked a friend of mine from college if she would take our photos – she just started her own photography business and I am in love with her aesthetic. I’m planning a whole post about our session so stay tuned for that! I can’t wait to have some professional pictures in our home that include Dane in them. He’s growing so quickly and it was so fun to capture his joy and the wonder in his eyes.


Saturday afternoon/evening were packed with fun holiday traditions. We had family over for the Badger game Saturday night and it was also our community’s trick or treat so we made sure we were stocked with candy and enjoyed the incredible weather. We stopped down at the annual Halloween parade – which was super fun and great to see all the families in the community really get into the Halloween spirit. Dane’s way too young to trick or treat but we just had to get him a costume. Our first choice of triceratops was sold out, so we settled on a tiger – and he was damn cute if you ask me!

For dinner on Saturday – I knew we were feeding a crew, so I put a big pot of Chicken Tortilla soup on and it was definitely a hit. I’ve made this recipe a few times before and it always impresses. Usually I make up my soup recipes on my own – but for this one I always use Jaclyn’s recipe from Cooking Classy. I’ve made this in the crock pot like the recipe calls for, but this weekend I made it on the stovetop – just as good! We also added these adorable Tostitos rolls as one of the toppings. They stand up to the soup and don’t disintegrate too quickly like some chips do.

Sunday was all lazy, lots of napping and snuggles and recovering from a small wine hangover, oops! Anyone else out there that has alcohol tolerances that are totally unpredictable? Sometimes I can drink beer after beer and not feel it at all – sometimes I drink 3 glasses of wine and I’m nursing a headache all day… what gives?!



Anyway – I hope you all had a fabulous weekend and are enjoying the last days of warmer weather. I heard last night that there are only 8 Sundays left until Christmas – and in WI, we all know snow will be here soon. Time to swap out my sandals for boots I guess. Enjoy your week!


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Wisconsin wife and mama to Dane (4) and expecting baby girl in May. Navigating life post-cancer. Lover of food, red wine and laughs. Forever grateful for my wonderful life.

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