Dane’s 8 Months Update

Today our little guy is 8 months old! Every single milestone month I say to myself, how has this happened? How is time literally flying by and stealing my baby from me. Each month has been a whirlwind of developments and changes, and this one is no different. Dane has gone from testing the waters with crawling and pulling up to speeding from one room to another and standing almost on his own!

Current favorite activities include:

  • Chasing the cat all over the house – I hope one day they’ll be best friends, he just LOVES his kitty… the cat needs a little more convincing though. We’re working on petting “nicely” and being gentle
  • Pulling up on everything: mom and dad’s legs, the freezer door, baby gates, tables, chairs, the bathtub and toilets and pretty much anything he can reach
  • Climbing the stairs, onto shelves, into cupboards and the shower when we leave the door open
  • Saying mama and dada (and mayyybe starting to associate with each of us)
  • Giving high fives (we’re working on waving, giving kisses and learning how to sign “more”)
  • Naked play-time, obviously
  • Putting everything in his mouth including but not limited to tv remotes, cell phones, anything plugged in (duh!), shoestrings, tags, leaves and the popcorn kernels that are so far under the cabinets I can’t see them.
  • Loving bath time more and more and we’re no longer using the baby bath at all
  • Being very comfy in 9 month clothes, even though he only weighs 18 lbs (he’s pretty tall)
  • Popping a tooth out! Yes, finally we have a little chomper coming up out of his bottom gums.
  • Licking every stainless steel appliance in the kitchen especially the cold freezer (see picture below) – the kid’s a little weirdo, just like his parents!
  • Smiling and cheesing at everyone – no stranger danger here!
  • Clinging to mom and dad when he’s tired, someone has become a needy little man as of late

It’s been a very trying last month to say the least. We’ve crossed off an ear infection, stomach bug, sinus infection, terrible diaper rash for the first time and most recently pink eye in both peepers. We’ve had more nights with interrupted sleep than in the past few months combined and we’ve been fueled with coffee and red wine. BUT, the look he gives when you pick him up out of his crib – the ear-to-ear grin and gummy smile literally makes it all okay.

He’s 35 weeks old – just 5 short weeks away from the total time he grew inside my belly. I remember how long pregnancy felt when I hit 35 weeks and how incredibly fast, in comparison the past 35 weeks with Dane “on the outside” have passed. With each day that goes by we love him more and more, and it’s hard to remember life without him. Cheers to the next month and new adventures!


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Wisconsin wife and mama to Dane (4) and expecting baby girl in May. Navigating life post-cancer. Lover of food, red wine and laughs. Forever grateful for my wonderful life.

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