I Use to Hate Valentines Day

I use to hate Valentines Day. I remember protesting when I was in college by wearing all black and binging on heart shaped pizza, while guzzling the bottom shelf boxed wine and vodka drinks with my equally as bitter girlfriends. It rocked. We had so much fun and celebrated each other, our sisterhood and how much boys sucked. I wouldn’t trade those ridiculous memories for anything.

It feels like that was a decade ago… oh wait, it was. Damn, we’re getting old. SO much has changed – but those girlfriends are still my sisters and go-to Valentine loves. I’m really thankful we went through those bitter, V-Day hating days together because they are days I’ll never forget.

So here I sit thinking back and realizing that I never really hated Valentines Day – I actually loved it, I loved being a part of something. In college it was my fierce group of babes who couldn’t be bothered with romantic mushy things. We weren’t sitting around depressed to be single; we had a blast and loved every minute. We danced and laughed and formed such kickass memories and bonds – those were the dayyyyyssss. I’m so thankful to have my girl tribe, from wild college fun to the present filled with new adventures.

Fast forward…. I’m part of something a little different now, and Valentines Day is a lot more about jammies and slippers than jean skirts and heels. I’ve been celebrating Valentines Day with Casey for the past 7 years, many including that romantic and mushy stuff I use to swear off (spoiler alert: I love it). Today marks Dane’s first Valentines. I’m not quite sure I can imagine loving two people more. Tonight we played and cuddled with our wild-almost one year old, and once he was snug in his crib we made dinner together. It wasn’t fancy, but it was so very us and was perfect.

I truly believe in celebrating our love every single day, but there doesn’t seem to be any harm in having a reason to make a nice dinner and share a few extra cuddles. Hug your loved ones tight, whatever form they come in (that includes family, girl tribes, babies and hubbies). And I’m sending a virtual hug to each of you – because you’re part of something really special to me too. Happy Love Day friends! ❤


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Wisconsin wife and mama to Dane (4) and expecting baby girl in May. Navigating life post-cancer. Lover of food, red wine and laughs. Forever grateful for my wonderful life.

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