Why You Should Always Do Instead of Just Say

You know how it goes, an idea comes up in conversation – a great idea, one that you definitely think should either go on the calendar, or be coordinated by someone. Well, who else can say that 9 times out of 10, even though the idea was so great – it falls to the back burner and will definitely, most likely become an after thought.

The fact of the matter, is that time goes so damn fast. Schedules are busy and fill quickly (especially in the summertime.) The older we get, the more jam packed life is and when babies start to join families – forget “a free weekend”. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been in a conversation with a friend and we both agreed “we should plan that” or “we need to pick a day to grab lunch”. I am SO guilty of making statements like this and so rarely actually following-up on them.

I heard a quote the other day “everyone is always so obsessed with their own busy-ness” – it resonated with me a lot. Isn’t it true? We’re all just busy busy busy – running around living our lives and in my case, I think, missing out on some important stuff.

Well, since I’ve been on my own little motivation train, I’ve decided that I’m done wasting time saying I’m going to do things and not actually doing them. This past weekend, my family (all 26 of us) enjoyed an afternoon at Miller Park, watching the Brewers play and eventually lose – but that’s besides the point. My dad has been requesting a family trip to watch the crew play for years. I’m talking maybe 4-5 years… in a row. We allllways say, yeah! great idea! let’s plan that! …… no one ever does. Why? Because organizing a day like that takes a lot of time and effort, organization and most importantly, getting people to commit.

Ever since we found out that dad’s cancer was back, we’ve kept it close to our hearts and have been pretty guarded about the whole situation. That means that not a lot of people know the whole story, many actually don’t have any clue what the past 8 months have included for our little family. When you hear the word “terminal” you stop making excuses, and start making plans… and sticking to them. News like that makes you realize that you don’t necessarily have all the time in the world, and that just saying you will, and not actually doing, is pointless.

Truthfully, there was a time that going to a Brewer game seemed like an impossible outing. Thanks to incredible medicine and the sheer determination of my dad – each day gets easier and more is possible.

Needless to say – after a lot of back and forth, organization, research and planning – we picked a date, nailed down our options for tickets and it all came together. As a side note – if you’re thinking about going to a game with a big group – a suite is the way to go. It gave us the option of sitting outside or on a couch inside and with two littles, we had plenty of room for them to play and explore. It was such a great day, spent with people who mean so much.

So take it from me – get those dates on the calendar, and make things happen… because life truly is too short, and we don’t have infinite time to push off priorities.

Also – if we haven’t yet, let’s get something planned to see each other soon, I mean it. 😉

Have a good night, friends xo


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Wisconsin wife and mama to Dane (4) and expecting baby girl in May. Navigating life post-cancer. Lover of food, red wine and laughs. Forever grateful for my wonderful life.

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