9 Random Things (a list to find inspiration)

Hey guys, I hope you’re having a great week!

So I’ve opened up this draft maybe 15 times over the course of the past week and just haven’t been able to find the inspiration. Go figure the only time a blog topic hit my brain waves was during a run earlier this week and I of course didn’t write it down when I got home. Now it’s gone, gone, goneeeee.

I follow a lot of really amazing bloggers, who push out fresh content week in and week out. I often wonder to myself, how do these people continue to be inspired again and again? I know that best practice with blogs or any social promotion is consistency. I work in marketing and these things are drilled into my brain on a regular basis. You have to show up and be mindful of your audience’s time. It’s human nature to have a routine, and people want to know when the next post is coming.

But if there’s no inspiration, how can I possibly pull together something people will want to read – and am I wasting my time (and theirs) if I can’t deliver?

A friend recently complimented my ability to write from a vulnerable place. It was a very sweet thing to say, especially because lately, it feels like the only things giving me any sort of inspiration to write about, have been hard to share.

So, all that being said… this post is dedicated to the random thoughts that have been flying through my brain over the past couple weeks. I hope this will help me drum up some inspo for blogs to come, but if not – what do YOU want to read? Do you actually like the recipes I post, or are those boring and same old same old. I love cooking, but sometimes I feel like recipe posts are a little bit of a cop-out. Erp, there goes that self doubt flaring up again…

Anyway, on to the list.

  1. Taylor Swift. Girl, hurry up and release that new album already, I am freaking out.
  2. I’m getting my hair done soon (it’s been since APRIL, which is entirely too long between dye jobs so my gray roots are aplenty.) #momlife right? (insert eye roll here)
  3. I’m finally hitting my exercise stride – which I re-committed myself to after the 4th of July. So that makes 7 weeks of consistently working out 3-4 times per week. Nottt bad babe.
  4. We tried a gluten free (well, more like gluten-light) diet for almost 3 weeks and epically crashed and burned. Sorry guys, pasta and pizza have my heart.
  5. Right now is the time when I want to binge shop for cardigans and cozy winter clothes. I’m walking a fine line between losing my shit and spending a ton of money and remembering things like… well, mainly my responsibilities and that saving money is important. Life is hard. Why couldn’t we win the Powerball?!
  6. I went to the eye doctor this week and my prescription stayed the same. So now, I’m sitting here contemplating Lasik yet again. So far I’ve been way too chicken to go through with it but now it’s top of mind. Hmmm… Also – why are cute glasses so expensive?
  7. Labor Day weekend is coming in hot and I need to get organized for our trip to Fargo. I can’t WAIT to see my baby brother and the Bison in action!
  8. Football. Yay!!
  9. Dane is almost 1.5 years old – wow, I can’t believe that. Hey! A blog topic! 😉

Oh and another thing, which is pretty much all consuming… Game of Thrones holy moly.

Maybe I should make lists more often. Thanks for reading, even when I can’t provide you with super awesome curated content. I’m sure another wave of inspiration will come crashing in soon. (Side note: as I typed that I remembered another thing that’s been on my mind lately. Moana. Constantly. Like 2-3, sometimes 4x a day.)

What can I say, it’s okay, you’re welcome 



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Wisconsin wife and mama to Dane (4) and expecting baby girl in May. Navigating life post-cancer. Lover of food, red wine and laughs. Forever grateful for my wonderful life.

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