Visiting LaCrosse <3

These colder temperatures sure came in a hurry, didn’t they? Just last weekend it was a beautiful (basically perfect) fall day and now I’m scrambling to find my boots and the swap out my tank tops for sweaters.

About last weekend… I was lucky to spend it in one of my very favorite places – my college town of LaCrosse, WI. If you have never been to the “west coast” of Wisconsin (along the Mississippi specifically), it is absolutely STUNNING this time of year. Between the bluffs, the sprawling riverside and the changing leaves, everything about it screams fall.

This year marks TEN years since graduating from college. We thought it was only fitting to head back to where it all started and eat, drink (and get very hungover) and check out everything that’s changed (RIP Cheap Shots) and what’s stayed very much the same – hello Bennett O’Riley’s. ❤

First of all, I just have to say how overwhelmingly beautiful campus is. As we walked around, pointing out our old dorms and buildings where we had class, we all agreed that LaCrosse’s campus is 100% “the college you’d see in a movie”.  I’m talking big picturesque brick buildings – complete with a clock tower, perfectly manicured lawns and all the colors of fall. Looking back, I definitely took this for granted when I lived there. School was school and how quickly could we get to Thursday wristband night? Either way, a TON has changed and if you’re an alum it’s worth checking out.

There is something so special about spending time with really good friends in a really special place. We told old stories, LAUGHED and could not believe our old college house was still not condemned yet.

I’m so thankful for the lasting friendships I have from college. I’m humbled by the love we share and the amount of time we’ve all put into remaining close all these years later. Though not everyone we wanted to be there could be, it was still such a blast.

Hey everyone else from UW-L – let’s plan a real reunion, what do you say? Now, here are some of the gorgeous pictures of the best place:


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