Who knew Frisco, TX could make me so happy

So I’ve spent all week thinking “man this week is dragggggging” but here we are and tomorrow is Friday. Holy smokes. I’ve been quite busy at work – days zipping by but still feeling that the week is passing slowly. It’s weird.

We’ve got a really great weekend ahead – with no concrete plans except for spending time together as a family and a date night (compliments of my sister for babysitting and also for the gift card from Christmas). I’m looking forward to spending time with JUST Casey and I and refocusing our relationship.

So last weekend (which I’m still recovering from I think) we flew down to Texas to watch NDSU win their 6th National Championship in 7 years. I’ve talked about NDSU before on here – earlier in the season, we spent a weekend in Fargo and are avid fans. I’m a total fan girl because my little brother is the Director of Football Operations and just makes me so darn proud.

We were spoiled with front row tickets to the game, an amazing parking pass and QUITE the game. My sister and I hardly sat down the entire time, and I left with a scratchy voice.


Favorite Highlights:

Seamless travel. Since my dad is moving a little slower, we opted to take the wheelchair, which ended up being a source of comfort and also MANY laughs. It was quick to get around, bumped us to early boarding and gave us a little breathing room. However, that thing is NOT great at going over bumps or entrances to elevators… dad almost got dumped on more than one occasion which lead to tense moments followed by giggle fits. We were lucky to have direct flights and very stress free travel overall.

Our rental car (that may or may not have been stolen) We got to the lot and were instructed to pick out any car in the row. We had our choices of larger sedans for the most part. I was designated driver so when I saw a Volkswagen I felt at home. We hopped (not so easily in) VW’s are small by the way, duh, and took off. Okay, this thing’s shocks were apparently either faulty or broken because any slight bump in the road basically took us air born. We laughed basically the entire time we were in that damn thing.

The royal treatment. Hank and the amazing staff at NDSU honestly gave us the best experience we could have had. Our parking pass was legit, our game seats were legit, and that win was LEGIT.

Mexican food for breakfast, Italian food for dinner and crème brule for days.

A family who doesn’t take things too seriously – sure traveling with my parents has gotten more interesting, and there were some serious lol moments but with each step of the way we laughed, and laughed and laughed – I appreciate that quality sooo much.

Rushing the field – probably don’t need to explain this one too much. We were overjoyed and elated, it rocked.

Lastly, and I have to mention this because it was hilarious. I was on ESPN, and in all of the game highlights and recaps… I’m basically a celebrity now.

I hope you all have a great weekend and are able enjoy time with those you love.



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Wisconsin wife and mama to Dane (4) and expecting baby girl in May. Navigating life post-cancer. Lover of food, red wine and laughs. Forever grateful for my wonderful life.

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